Monday, November 22, 2010

Williams withdraws from Hopman Cup

Serena Williams, citing continuing problems with a foot injury, has withdrawn from the USA Hopman Cup team. She was scheduled to represent the USA with John Isner. An announcement is expected tomorrow on whether a new player will pair with Isner, or whether the USA will withdraw from competition.

This is the third time that the frequently-injured Williams has had to withdraw from the tournament.


Todd Spiker said...

Hmmm, no Serena in Melbourne -- if it comes to that -- would certainly open things up a bit for everyone else.

All this because of soccer.

(rolls eyes)

Overhead Spin said...

All this because she chose to go to a restaurant to celebrate a good win and hooligans decided to start throwing bottles all over the place. This is just horrific for one of the games' brightest stars.

She was in my neck of the woods recently, and while I did not get a chance to meet her, I did meet her sister Venus and she is as gracious in person as she is on the court. I even have pictures with her :)

I understand that Serena did eventually come to the book signing and I am so sorry I never got a chance to meet her.

My pictures are here

On another note with Serena's potential withdrawal from the AO, can you imagine all the women of the WTA pushing and shoving like mad to try and capture this title. Man, AO2011 should be good on the women's side once more.

Diane said...

I'm hoping that staying out of Hopman Cup is a precautionary measure, but I'm prepared for bad news. It just isn't the Australian Open without Serena.

Oh, Karen, how great that you got to meet Venus! Thanks much for the photo link. Venus's book seems to be a success, too, which it should be. I don't know how she finds the time to do all the things she does.

Todd Spiker said...

I'm hoping that staying out of Hopman Cup is a precautionary measure, but I'm prepared for bad news.

Naturally, it'd be ridiculous to think that a player could have an impact on a slam after not playing a competitive match for over six months. Well, that'd be the case with the hundreds and hundreds of other players out there. But not Serena. If she could just manage to be able to step onto the court in Melbourne at all, she'd still have to be considered the favorite until proven otherwise.

Diane said...

Absolutely. I was thinking, oh, Serena might have to play on one leg, and then I remembered: She's already done that.