Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday cat blogging--feral edition

These feral cats, who live in Mississippi, aren't so reclusive that they won't pose for photos


Sunny nine said...

One of our cats was feral from a feral colony. He was only a kitten but we trained him and his brother to the point that we could keep him and take his brother to a "no-kill" shelter. We could not at all get close to his other brother or his mother. They stayed very far away even with the temptation of food. The colony was in a sad state-most of the males had one eye missing from fighting with the other males. We did manage to cage one female to spay her but that was all. Our other strays we decided had human contact at some point.

Diane said...

You never know. Ziggy came out of a feral colony but was totally domestic from the beginning, as was another kitten member of the colony--even moreso than Ziggy. We tamed three more of them in foster care, and Tarzan--though he resisted initial attempts to tame him--became tame after TNR. One of the adults became semi-tame, too.