Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Led by Li Na, the Chinese team has won the gold medal for team tennis competition at the Asian Games. Li, however, is not entered in the singles competition, and neither is Zheng Jie. The top seed is Kimiko Date Krumm, who won the competition in 1994.

Be sure to check out the final "Ms. Backspin" awards for 2010. Pour a cup of coffee and take your time--there's plenty to read, including stats you would probably never find on your own.

The Bondarenko sisters, at least for  now, have been removed--by mutual decision--from the roster of the Ukrainian Fed Cup team. Youngers players will compete for Ukraine, though Kateryna Bondarenko says that she and her sister may return to the team in the future.

Greg Garber and Pam Shriver say it's hard to pick the Player of the Year. Women Who Serve agrees.

"Tiger" Murphy will slice you.

"I just need to pack my racquets up and leave them alone somewhere, just not touch them for three weeks or something," says Vera Zvonareva, who reflects on her stellar season.


bill said...

Yes - a complicated year. Serena at her peak but missing half the year, Caroline on the upswing but yet to have a career-defining win...it really was Kim's year. Strangely, I feel that Clijsters gets short shrift in the press sometimes - they overplay the "mother on tour" angle and underplay the "talented and gutsy player matures and wins some big ones" angle.

"Win of the Year" is a much easier call...the Roland Garros final was a delight and Francesca played an amazing and inspiring match.

Diane said...

I agree. It really was Kim's year, though it took her a while to get into it. 2010 left us with so many unanswered questions.