Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wickmayer gets 1-year suspension

Just a little over a week ago, I reported that Yanina Wickmayer was unlikely to be suspended for violating the anti-doping "whereabouts rule." Though a warning was recommended by the Belgian anti-doping tribunal prosecutor, the tribunal voted in favor of a one-year suspension.

The International Tennis Federation reported today that it had not received written notification from the Belgian tribunal about the suspension, and therefore could not comment on it.

Wickmayer, who is playing in the CommonwealthBank Tournament of Champions in Bali this week, was told that the suspension begins immediately, but that she may appeal it, which she intends to do. The Belgian has maintained for some time that she attempted to make her whereabouts known to anti-doping authorities, but the computer password system malfunctioned. Registered mail sent to her house could not be opened because she was traveling and could not sign for it.


Hélène said...

This is unbelievable !

I'm Belgian and used to absurd decisions made by our politicians but I never saw something like that !

Of course she didn't respect the rules but 1 year is so extreme and unexpected.

Rumour says that with Agassi's declarations, they wanted Belgium to be "the example".

Still it's unbelievable that she gets 1 year (while Gasquest - positive doping test - got a few months, and Minar - also positive - only 8 months).

Anonymous said...

That's the first thing I thought too, Hélène, that they were making an example of her because of the Agassi revelations. I wish her the best with her appeal.


Diane said...

I think we all think that Wicky is being made an example.

By the way, the ATP is still appealing the Gasquet thing.

bill said...

Outrageous. So ham-handed.

Anonymous said...

Just found out that Wickmayer (voluntarily) withdrew from Bali! Terrible!