Monday, November 5, 2007

Majoli dances

Following in the (literal) footsteps of Alicia Molik, former world number four Iva Majoli has made her debut appearance on Dancing With the Stars. Unfortunately, her partner had to withdraw at the last minute, so she danced with a substitute partner. Enjoy.


frankensue said...

I saw her play at the US Open about eight years ago. She was on an outer court and we were sitting near her coach. She was losing -- but should have been winning -- so he kept signaling her to come to net. She refused, went into one of her funks and lost badly. She was one of those extremely gifted players who could crack mentally over the slightest thing. I loved watching her play tennis. I hated watched her dance.

Diane said...

Yes, Majoli was a head case, and it was a shame.

I think the dancing must have been difficult; her partner had a death in the family and had to abandon her at the last minute.