Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday cat blogging--Big Mama edition

Roxie relaxes on her new favorite thing--Big Mama's Scratch-o-Rama. The Fat Cat, Inc. "Kitty Hoots" catnip-enhanced sisal mat is, in fact, all our cats' new favorite thing, but the others have to get in line behind Roxie. On the flip side of the mat is a nifty poem, "The Legend of Big Mama," with some very funny illustrations.


Anonymous said...

I like peeking at your blog every now and then. I am sooo jealous because I cannot watch the championships this year...our local cable doesn't carry the versus network. cest la vie.

Diane said...

You're welcome to come by any time, Anon. I wish the YEC matches were live on Versus, but at least I can watch them after the fact. If you have The Tennis Channel, you can watch the doubles matches live.