Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dear Jelena Jankovic...

You are a breath of fresh air on the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour. Your defensive game is stunning, your backhand down the line is Evert-like, your strategic skills are unsurpassed. And you are artlessly funny and an absolute joy to watch.

But Jelena, you have got to slow down. You are burned out, perhaps more mentally than physically. And you need a service coach. With a better serve, you could have already taken a few matches off of Henin; you already know how to get into her head.

You are Grand Slam material, Jelena, but you need to play fewer tournaments, and develop--at the least--a better second serve. I think I speak for many of your fans when I say that just a bit of tweaking would put you in a different place, where women hold very big trophies and dishes, and watch their confidence build more and more.

You are number 3 in the world now. Slow down...2008 could be your year.

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mido_6000 said...

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