Wednesday, November 28, 2007

In brief...

Elena Dementieva is really getting around these days, publicity-wise. The latest is Peace Magazine.

Am I the only one who liked the Tennis Week site better before the webmasters "improved" it?

EleVen's prices really are low.

And Venus Williams is injured again.

James Martin has a little fun with the so-called Roadmap.

Maria Sharapova reports that when she returned to her new car a few nights ago, two men--a father and son---were oogling it, so she said "Nice car, huh?" and opened the door, at which point they asked her what she was doing. She told them it was her car. "The father looked at me like how the heck is a 20-year-old blonde chick driving this!" Indeed.

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Anonymous said...

Diane, you're not the only who liked Tennis Week better.

The old format may have looked a little outdated, but their home page is now way too cluttered and distracting for me.