Monday, November 5, 2007

Henin unsure about Olympics...if only others were

Justine Henin, who has chronic respiratory problems, is giving some thought as to whether her lungs can handle the air pollution in Beijing. Organizers say the pollution problem will be under control by the time the Olympics begin.

Now, will some tennis players (and other athletes) please give some thought as to whether their sense of decency and morals can tolerate the thousands of dogs slaughtered in order to "clear the streets" and "present a good image" for the Olympics? Many, in fact, were pets (not that there is an excuse for any of the slaughter), and were bludgeoned in front of their families. Not one nation has formally protested, nor--to my knowledge--has one athlete said a word. Coca-Cola, the IOC, the nations involved, and the athletes involved (including the "pet lovers") are totally silent.

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