Sunday, November 1, 2009

Serena wins Sony Ericsson Championships

The world number 1 put some impressive icing on the cake today when she defeated her sister, Venus, also the defending champion, in the final of the Sony Ericsson Championships in Doha. Serena won in straight sets--6-2, 7-6--to take her second SEC title.

It took Serena just over half an hour to win the first set, but the second set was very competitive. Serena had a 5-1 lead in the tiebreak, Venus took it to 4-5, but Serena was able to win with a three-point lead.

Serena Williams had already regained her number 1 ranking, but winning in Doha certainly puts some emphasis on her status on the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour.

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Sunny said...

Well the debate over who is really No. 1 seems like it is over. Some people took sides early on, but I held back hoping that all things would work out in a clear manner. No one on the tour won more than three titles. So when you see that Serena won 3 and 2 were majors and the 3rd was the SEC then it becomes pretty obvious who is #1. I like Dinara but she needed to put up more numbers like multiple (over 3)big tournaments or a major. I think Serena's injuries often inhibit her from playing her best in non-major tournaments. Playing everyday gets to the knees whereas in a major she gets a rest and also her desire jumps up. Well despite playing 5 of 6 days, she wanted this tournament and put injuries aside. I think she wanted the no 1, I think she wanted to win this tournment outright(in 2001 she had a walkover), and I think she wanted to put to rest the criticism over the fact that she hadn't won a non-major tournament since Charleston 2008. I didn't like her disrespect of Safina's accomplishments after Wimbledon or her breakdown at the US Open. I think the media were the ones that fanned the flame often. But her ability to play cannot be denied. Just for the sake of competition, I hope that Henin, Clijsters and hopefully someone else will fight with and against Serena to make the majors more interesting and to challenge Serena to fight for a couple more non-major tournaments like she fought in Doha. I have many favorite players and I don't get caught up in celebrity, I just want to see competition at the highest level.