Friday, April 6, 2018

What they said this week at the Volvo Car Open

“I hate losing. That’s why I don’t play board games.”

Alex Krunic

“…I was joking, like, 'hey, want to be my coach?' And she was like, 'yeah, sure!' And I was 'really, really?' Like, that’s actually how it went.”
Kristie Ahn, on how Shenay Perry came to be her coach

“It’s tough training for two weeks, playing a match, playing and training for two weeks, playing a match, losing, and it’s a tough cycle to be in because you feel more nervous and extra pressure for that match, especially you’re on center court and it’s a big tournament, or maybe you get a wild card.”
Genie Bouchard

“There are many things that you can do in your life. So you start to think about that, and sometimes it’s worse to think abou that. But it’s coming. So you have to be ready to combine, and even when you will stop, what you will do. So the day comes."
Sara Errani, on looking ahead

So can you just talk through that second set, how you were able to stay composed and what do you think the secret was to getting it done it straight sets.
“I feel like you’re making fun of me.”
Naomi Osaka

“And she’s a lefty and I am lefty. I play always bad against lefties. The serve is different, and I’m not used to it.”
Kristyna Pliskova

“…I mean, when you’re ranked 900, it’s not their pride of like, ‘yes my daughter is playing professional tennis, but she’s ranked 900.”
Kristie Ahn

“I love downtown, those little restaurants, those are really cute. It’s more European, I feel like.”
Fanny Stollar

“And it’s not a goal to like everyone, but I think it’s nice if you can deal with everyone.”
Julia Goerges

“It was already 10 p.m., so I just went home. Yeah, I had dinner and I went to sleep. That’s it. I was not able to go to the nightclub and celebrate my win.”
Daria Kasatkina

“The first set, the court seemed so small because, I mean, I’ve never played on a stadium this big.”
Bernarda Pera

On your Instagram account, I saw you were hitting the soccer ball around. Is that in your future, a soccer career for you?

“Did you watch the video?”

Madison Keys

“But the match starts with yourself, and that’s what I can control.”

Julia Goerges

“It’s very nice, but at the same time, it’s, yeah, put a little bit of pressure on you because everybody is asking you if I saw this big picture on the stadium. Like, I think everybody saw it in the city.”
Daria Kasatkina

“Every week we’re on the clay is a week we’re closer to grass.”
Ash Barty

“So it’s not easy, but I think it’s just sport and it’s just coach, so he can do whatever he wants. And he gets better offer, then he can go. It’s like, not marriage.”
Kristyna Pliskova

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