Saturday, January 26, 2013

Australian Open--what they said

The pressure was there, but I like the pressure, you know. It's interesting. It's very interesting thing. It pushes you to be better. You can take it different way.  You can take it negative and try to, you know, think negative. But I take it as a positive, something that will push me forward to improve, to get better, and the outcome is out of my hands. I just have to be really focused on what I do, very honest with what I do, and that's it.
Victoria Azarenka

Why do you think you fell down?
Because I'm stupid.
Li Na

Being in the player's box is not for someone who lacks nerve.
Pam Shriver

You said the semifinal was a learning experience. What did you learn?

Well, I learned how to talk a lot on TV. Way more than any win I ever got.
Victoria Azarenka

After the match, I was feeling like, How many years I didn't falling down in the court?  I mean, it was amazing today. It was twice on the court even. Maybe like 5% I was falling down again.
Li Na


tennis livescore said...

haha... Li Na was hilarious or maybe she was being ironic

Diane said...

I think she's often both--and with no effort :)