Thursday, January 24, 2013

Australian Open--what they said

Rennae Stubbs: Is 30 the new 20?
The truth is, I'm younger than you.
Li Na

She was playing from behind. She isn't used to playing from behind.
Mary Joe Fernandez (referring to Sharapova)

I just had chest pain, like I was having a heart attack or something.
Victoria Azarenka

Start this year, I try to cool down on the court. Yeah. Like Hollywood, you know.
Li Na

With Serena out, do you sort of see this as a missed opportunity?
Absolutely not. I think champions want to face the best.

He's hitting partner, fix the drink and string the racket.
Li Na, on her husband's new non-coaching role

...I almost did the choke of the year right now.
Victoria Azarenka

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