Saturday, January 19, 2013

Australian Open--what they said

Haven't been much in the way of upsets in the tournament. Going in against the world number 1, how did you rate your chances?
I was pretty confident. I thought they were pretty good, to be honest. I didn't go into the match thinking that I was going to lose. I went in with a lot of belief.
Jamie Hampton

So far, especially in this tournament, you turned your ankle, hit yourself in the head with the racquet. What's next?
Nothing. That's it. I'm done. I'm done. That was it. Just wanted to do two things. Now I got it out of the way.
Serena Williams

I think he deserves everything he gets....The only thing I liked about his interview what he said is he doesn't expect anybody to forgive him.
Victoria Azarenka, referring to Lance Armstrong

A tennis player needs a lot of tools when they play. What do you think is your best asset on the court?
Well, I think over the last couple of years it’s become my forehand. I’ve just found the way I hit the ball is good and I like to use it, so a lot of times I’ll run around the ball and try to take as much as I can with it.
Maria Kirilenko

You get the treatment. How much better can it be made in the short term?
It's tough. I mean, I play with those shorts, which don't look great, by the way, and then I have my back taped up pretty good before every match.
Jamie Hampton

When they cheer your unforced errors, you don't feel like turning and saying, Can you shut up?
It sounds like blah. You don't even hear it after a while.
Sloane Stephens

I know you just crushed your opponent, but you got behind at the beginning of the second set, so maybe you can say something positive about your opponent.
Actually, I only have positive things to say. I thought she played really well. She played at a level higher than I expected so it took me off guard. She was just consistent, really consistent.
Serena Williams

What parts of your game can you improve from today? What do you need to work on? Oh, everything. Simple: everything.
Victoria Azarenka

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