Wednesday, August 29, 2012

U.S. Open--what they said

I'm the most proud of my mental performance out there.
Mallory Burdette

I'm not movie star. I'm athlete. I have to do good job on the tennis court. So I was feeling if I can't doing well, why the sponsor should come for me? They can come for another athlete. I really wanted to do well, but sometimes didn't work.  I think I was make a lot--how you say--pressure for myself. I was feeling after I win a Grand Slam, against some player, face to face, they are feeling they nothing to lose. They come to court, boom, boom. Suddenly I'm losing match so easily. It's not still strong in mind.
Li Na

Kvitova is not enjoying herself immensely today.
Virginia Wade

This feels like the perfect place to retire; I just wish it wasn't today. I gave it my all today and it just wasn't good enough at the end of the match.
Kim Clijsters

She can just put holes in you when she plays like that.
Luke Jensen, referring to Li Na

Would you describe shopping as your hobby? 
No. Not hobby. I think it's something that every girl enjoys to do when they're in a good mood, but mostly when they're in a bad mood, I would say. 
Victoria Azarenka

She plays on a big stage almost every day because she's so good. It's hard out there sometimes. You get outside of yourself and you're worrying about things you can't control. That's one of the things she does a very good job of. You can tell she's in the zone every time she walks up to play a point.
Mallory Burdette, referring to Maria Sharapova

I knew I had to hit as many balls as I could and get as many back as I could, and just work my butt off.
Laura Robson

How do you feel coming in, especially coming off the win at New Haven? Do you feel you have tremendous momentum in this tournament?

I think that it's good because I'm still feeling that the tournament is continue and it's not Grand Slam, so I think that it's good that I don't have a time to be nervous too much. 
Petra Kvitova

We're playing here in New York. There's so much media. Could you step back and say the one or two things we Americans don't understand about your country, what would that be?
Why Chinese still use chopsticks? Why Chinese have to put the family name first, right? I think lot American people couldn't understand, yeah. Two thing already. I couldn't find a third one.
Li Na                   


svente said...

I've said it before, I'll day it again... Li Na is the best! Love love love her press conferences.

Ah, Kimmie. So decent. What a great representative of the sport. While I don't think Robson's win was a total fluke, it was still unexpected. I'll miss clijsters and am glad I got to see her play.

Todd.Spiker said...

That last Li quote is priceless! :)

Diane said...

Did you see it? The video, with her timing and her face, adds a whole new dimension of hilarity.