Monday, August 27, 2012

U.S. Open--what they said

Did you realize how close you were to having a golden set?
Yeah, I knew at 4‑Love, 40‑Love that I hadn't missed a point and the match had been going pretty quick and obviously in my favor. It did pop into my head for a split second. Then I hit the double fault and it was erased and I was quickly on with the next point.
Samantha Stosur

If you become a mom, would you bring your kid to an academy? Do you like the academy environment?
That's a tough question. Obviously if my kid wants to play sport and I feel like that would be beneficial to the kid, then yes. But I hope not.
Maria Sharapova

You've got a nice little winning streak going now. How are you feeling on court?
I mean, I really have to say I really happy I can win first match of these few years. Last few years always lose first round. So, yeah, I see the schedule, I say, Okay, you have to do for yourself. You really have to win the first match, otherwise same like last year and now I have to pack, I have to go back to airport to fly back home.
Li Na

But overall I think once she settled down, I think she was pretty happy with the way that she played. So that's good to know that she's pleased with the experience. Obviously I saw her afterwards. It was pretty funny. It was all like a lot of excitement. She had a friend in there who still plays juniors, as well. So it was kind of fun to still see the youngsters.
Kim Clijsters

My name is Irina Falconi. Professional tennis player who is competing in this year’s United States Open. I’m also an avid blogger and writer. I am also a part-time comic and fortune teller. No joke.
Irina Falconi

Ultimately can a gumball stand up to a truffle?
It depends what your preference is. I mean, mid-afternoon I'm not a big truffle person; I'm more of a gum girl. But it depends what everybody likes.
Maria Sharapova 

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