Tuesday, August 28, 2012

U.S. Open--what they said

Just doing my best. Not really have much point to defend from last year. At least this is the good thing. You know, I'm really trying to do better results than last few years.
Agnieszka Radwanska

Do you have specific goals or steps that you look at?
I do.
Getting into the top 10, winning again?
Yes, but it never happens the way you want it to. That's one thing I found out throughout my whole career. When you don't make it to one goal, just make some more.  But, of course, I'm looking forward to the top 10, all that great stuff. I feel like I have it in me.
Venus Williams

There are a lot of players who have gone pro right away, and that path has worked for them, but if you're on the fence even just a little bit or stressed about the decision, you're only going to get more stressed if you turn pro. College tennis is a more controlled environment, and there's such a support system in place for players, so it's much easier to improve and get better....
Mallory Burdette

Novak Djokovic was asked about you and Jelena having dropped a little bit since you all came up at the same time.  He said you both have the ability and you were No. 1 and won a Grand Slam. He said it's just mental at this point. Your agree with that?
Yeah, it is a lot to do with confidence. I think also since the first time I entered the game has evolved and there is lot more girls that strike and they have nothing to lose. They play really, really well and they're very dangerous. But, yeah, definitely it's just not the belief of, you know, beating those, you know, top players at the moment.
Ana Ivanovic

We've had a Kiki and a Coco, and all sorts of things going on.
Hannah Storm

It is not easy. For me, the recovery is very hard after the match.
Kimiko Date-Krumm

I think sometimes I get so involved in my serve I forget to play the rest of the point. It's definitely a balance. But for me and anybody else, when your serve is in, the rest of your game is beautiful usually.
Venus Williams

Her serve is good enough for men's tennis, as well.
Novak Jokovic, referring to Serena Williams

What is all this like? You're in the second round of the U.S. Open. It's quite a big change for you, isn't it?
To be honest, I actually feel kind of normal, as I would hope to. I feel like I've matured since Wimbledon. Also that was definitely a big eye‑opener. A lot of things were going on. I recently became British, my first Grand Slam, my first main draw. It was an epic match.  I think I got a lot of that initial nervousness out of the way there. So I feel much more prepared here with these sort of things. I'm just happy that I'm able to stay level.
Johanna Konta

She's lying on the ground like a dead frog....
Sloane Stephens, referring to Christina McHale and her long wait to get on the court


Dougie Messenger said...

I've just won the first wager that I've made on a tennis match, ever. LAURA ROBSON took out Kim Clijsters. She put up a fight when down and did not succumb to the yips.
A very good match from Kimmy too.
Robson's strokes are the most fluid on the tour. Her footwork needs foot work, but today, it was enough.

Diane said...

I like your wager. I knew she would give Clijsters a lot of trouble, and I'm not surprised by the win. Robson gets better and better as the months go by. She's so much faster than she used to be!

Dougie M said...

Robson likes pace, so she should be a danger to Li in the next round.