Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wimbledon--what they said

She's a Grand Slam champion. She has a tremendous amount of potential to go even further and achieve many great things. If she keeps playing like that and keeps her level up, absolutely. She has a great game for it, yeah.
Maria Sharapova

I'm playing for so many years, so this is, we say, the cherry on the cake.
Kveta Peschke

We knew her game was ready--she's ready.
Ted Robinson, referring to Petra Kvitova

We've been waiting for this a long, long time. I've been in four finals before...
Katarina Srebotnik

She also has an aggressive mentality that does not quite dovetail with her understated personality and which allowed her to shrug off the inevitable unforced errors and keep taking big cuts at Sharapova’s serves.
Christopher Clarey

Did you think she might start to feel the pressure?
You can't think about her, you've just got to try to do things from your own side, and I came up short today.
Maria Sharapova

I don't know how she (Lisicki) felt, but our battery was loaded.
Kveta Peschke

...Today I have to speak for myself, to tell you something I feel deep down in my soul....You scare me.
James LaRosa, in his letter to Petra Kvitova

She was hitting really powerful and hitting, you know, winners from all over the court...
Maria Sharapova

The 21-year-old Czech didn’t just meet the moment; she kicked the moment’s ass.
Jon Wertheim


svente said...

That letter is great! And the comment by Oracine is total GOLD!

Congrats to Petra, I've enjoyed watching her play for a couple of years and she's solidified my awe today.

And to Maria... Like I tell the kids, practice your serve!

Jeppe said...

Couldn't you find one noteworthy quote from Kvitova herself on her big day?

Diane said...

A half dozen was my limit, though I probably could have gone on!