Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Washington Kastles win World Team Tennis championship

The Washington Kastles won the 2011 World Team Tennis championship this past weekend, and in doing so, became the first team in WTT history to establish a 16-0 season record. The Kastles defeated the St. Louis Aces 23-19. Finals weekend, which took place at the Family Circle Cup Tennis Center in Charleston, was interrupted by three rain delays.

Arina Rodionova was chosen the Most Valuable Player of the finals. She defeated the Aces' Tamira Paszek in the singles final, and she and Rennae Stubbs defeated Paszek and Liezel Huber in doubles. Stubbs became the fourth player in WTT history to be part of five championship teams.


Roi said...

Except it wasn't Anastasia but her sister, Arina Rodionova, who was named Rookie of the Year.

Diane said...

I had no idea I'd typed "Anastasia"--habit! Thanks, Roi.

Anonymous said...

You two both have me beat. I just discovered that there are two Rodionovas. The hype about Arina's (or was it Anastasia's?) antics obscured their identity for me.