Friday, July 1, 2011

Wimbledon--what they said

I don't care about the noise. When I play I don't think about it. I just play my game. Azarenka was also noisy and I don't care.
Petra Kvitova

...She's got a lot of confidence coming in here, and the sense of feeling of having nothing to lose...
Maria Sharapova're playing with nothing to lose...
Of course I have something to lose...
Petra Kvitova

I think she was a little fortunate against Lisicki, that the German didn't play a little better.
Jason Goodall, commenting on Maria Sharapova

How are you feeling, are you nervous?
No, I'm not nervous, and I'm looking forward for tomorrow, for sure....
Petra Kvitova

My family it's priceless really. My parents have been through so much with me. No matter how good or bad the times have been, they've kept me at a certain level. They've taught me so much in life.
Maria Sharapova

Maria is one great competitor. She will win.
Pam Shriver

Given the enormity of the occasion, I have to go with Sharapova...
Jason Goodall

At this time, I have to give the edge to Sharapova because she plays like a champion, she feels like a champion, and she refuses to lose in the big moments. I think this is going to be a very interesting match and I am going to pick Sharapova in three sets.
Nick Bollettieri


Roi said...

Jason Goodall's comments made me think about Naomi Cavaday's blog post. It's unbelievable how people totally unaware of a player's latest condition can talk about their game.

He talks about Maria Sharapova the way it could have been "normal" in 2010, when she was on that creepy point of her career, either to be over or to come back as high as she once was. And she is there again, the surprise isn't her amazing game today but the commentators with a lazy memory.

Let me tell you, ESPN Latinoamérica did the same remarks, they were almost cheering for Lisicki (as they did for Kanepi last year) almost mad to see Sharapova winning.

Good for Maria, getting the results she's having and fighting for them with some more pressure, it makes for great tennis hands down.

svente said...

Good on Petra for saying she has something to lose. I always dislike the idea that there's nothing to lose in championships.

Diane said...

I liked that she said that, too. I hope she retains her unedited glory.