Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sharapova hires extra coach

Maria Sharapova has hired Thomas Hogstedt to be a "co-coach" with her long-time coach, Michael Joyce. The idea of having an extra coach was Joyce's idea. Hogstedt, who coached Li Na when she surged into the top 10, will be working this week with Sharapova at the Bollettieri Academy in Florida.


Sunny nine said...

I respect Joyce for being the one to suggest needing a new set of eyes to help Sharapova. It seems that he has her best interest at heart rather than his own. I also think the idea of focusing on improving rather than results (which I read on, The Ticker) is a sound idea. Improving will eventually bring the results.

Diane said...

I was hoping that someone would be added to her team, just because it's always good to have, as you say, a new set of eyes.