Monday, December 27, 2010

Quote of the week

"Six months later, I remember. Six months later, it still feels good. Grazie to you, Francesca."
 Steve Tignor, who chose the French Open women's final as his favorite match of the year


Overhead Spin said...

It was also my favourite match of the year as well. It was a well played match by Fran. There was nothing Stosur could do as Fran just played without fear in that match. Nice to see Fran getting the respect she deserves for that match. I was very disappointed that it was not the No. 1 match amongst fans on TC's viewers choice count down.

bill said...

Isner-Mahut was my favorite - I have a thing for existential struggles. But the Schiavone match was a close second and was by far the happiest sporting event of the year for me.

Anonymous said...

French Open was a good tournament this year, and yes, Francesca's victory was a pleasure to watch. But I think the quarterfinal match between Serena Williams and Sam Stosur was also sensational :)