Sunday, December 19, 2010

Davis wins Australian Open wild card

In the USA version of the Australian Open wild card playoffs, Lauren Davis--recent Orange Bowl and Eddie Herr champion--has emerged the winner. Davis defeated last year's winner, Coco Vandewegh, 6-2, 6-2.

Olivia Rogowska won the playoffs in Australia, and the French wild card, which is selected the old-fashioned (and, in my opinin, the right) way, went to Virginie Razzano.


Todd Spiker said...

Impressive win by Davis. Hmmm, maybe MJF should have played HER in the Fed Cup final. :)

After what happened with the U.S. Open, I wonder if Tennis Australia will now see fit to give Dokic that "discretionary" AO wild card that was denied her last summer?

Interesting fact: Dokic has participated in four of these wild card tournaments. She's won twice to get into the '06 and '09 draws, and lost while trying to reach the '08 and '11 AO. In both of those years, it's been Rogowska who defeated her.

Diane said...

The rumor is that the federation is going to give Dokic a wild card. You know how I feel about these wild card playoffs, anyway: Just give her a wild card, already!

I forgot that Rogowska defeated Dokic in 2008.

Lauren Davis is on quite a roll. It will be interesting to see how she does from now on.

Anonymous said...

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Diane said...

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