Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Vaidisova takes Jankovic out of Zurich

6-4, 6-4 is a close score, and on a good day, Vaidisova has what it takes to beat almost anyone, but looking at the bigger picture--today's loss by Jankovic has run out of steam. Jankovic is in great shape, but a tennis player needs both physical and mental rest in order to compete in top form. She says she plays so many tournaments because she doesn't like to just be on the practice court. Duly noted, but it doesn't seem that she took enough time off this year, though she has made good her promise to go easy during the last part of the season.

Second round in Zurich, retired in the semifinals of Stuttgart from heat illness, lost final at China Open, quarterfinals in Bali...I think Jankovic waited too late to thin out her schedule. I hope that, next year, she is more judicious at the start of the season. I am a really big Jankovic fan, and I hate to see someone with this much talent burn out.

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