Sunday, October 7, 2007

Henin wins Porsche Tennis Grand Prix

Tatiana Golovin, showing all the defensive brilliance of Jelena Jankovic, but with a much better serve, easily took the first set of her match today against world number 1 Justine Henin. But after that first set, Golovin--unlike Jankovic, who gives Henin a tough battle to the very last point--seemed to fade away. The commentators pointed out that Golovin began to make unforced errors, but one expects that after a very clean set. What also did her in was that she lost her ability to create strategy, and what had been an outstanding thinking game turned into a struggle. Golovin missed so many opportunities to make points, including opportunities she herself had set up.

Henin, for her part, raised the level of her game, providing spectators some flawless and outstanding shot-making, and winning the Stuttgart final, 2-6, 6-2, 6-1

Though today was not a good day for Golovin, it is worth pointing out that her game has improved tremendously, and she appears to be on her way toward fulfilling the promise of her former phenom status.

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