Sunday, December 19, 2021

The holiday sing-along returns!

Photo by Daniel Ward

 Memos come, are you masking?
Are you vaxxed? they’ll be asking
A pitiful sight
No card games tonight
Living in a Covid wonderland

Gone away are the side trips
Here to stay are the swab tips
Aryna’s not sure
The science is pure
Stumbling through a Covid wonderland

In the hotel, we will build a prison
And pretend that it’s a luxury suite
Paula’s pounding balls
With great precision
While rodents make a run at Yulia’s feet

Later on, we’ll be testing
You can hear the protesting
The virus waylaid
The plans that we made
Living in a Covid wonderland




IanMarshall said...

Well, wonderful - but tell us who wrote these!!!

colt13 said...

Brilliant and disturbingly accurate.

Here's to 2022!

Diane said...

Ian: Those are all mine.

Thanks, colt--yeah, fasten your seat belts, I think, for the '22 season!

Brian Smallerhat said...

OK. I`ve only just come across them, so -der - yep, on your own page they would be your own work. Anyway, very very clever, Diane, and most entertaining!
HAPPY CHRISTMAS - and if you fancy it try for sideways view of the season. XX

Diane said...

Thank you so much, Brian. And thanks for the link--excellent!

bill said...

Brilliant, and topical post holidays re Mr. Djokovic