Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday sing-along with Women Who Serve, part 1

Every Monday until Christmas, Women Who Serve is giving you a famous holiday song with some new, WTA lyrics. Apologies to all original writers, and to readers--enjoy!

Photo by Daniel Ward
O little land of Serbia
How still we see you lie
But above your deep and dreamless sleep
A sound pervades the sky
Then from a helicopter
Her concrete hair intact
JJ descends to greet her friends
She waves "Hello I'm back!"

Some people said that she was done
Her glory days all past
They said she was a drama queen
And that she played too fast
She tangled with Ricardo
Complained she had hot feet
She caused a quake and often was
Upended on her seat

A twinkle always in her eye
And glitter in her hair
Queen Chaos twists and does the splits
And argues with the Chair
Now she's back among the top 10
Glad tidings--spread the news
The smiling Serb is standing tall
in her five-inch Jimmy Choos


Todd.Spiker said...

Haha! That's great, Diane! For some reason, I particularly liked this part:

"...Complained she had hot feet
She caused a quake and often was
Upended on her seat..."

JJ can cause natural disasters... that explains a lot! :D

Can't wait to see who'll serenade us next. ;)

Doug said...

In her Jimmy Choos with a Jimmy Connors 'tood.

Anonymous said...

As in attitude.

Diane said...

Thanks, Todd!

A couple of years ago, a bad storm hit the FCC without any real weather warning. It was so bad the media tent (a temporary building) began shaking. Some of us called it The Jankovic Effect :)

Doug--it goes without saying....