Monday, December 9, 2013

Holiday sing-along, part 2

Photo by Daniel Ward
  Good coach Annacone looked 'round
At the feats of Stephens
At the net and on the ground
Her shots were crisp and even
Brightly shone her radiant smile
On our televisions
But unless the stage was big and grand
She made poor shot decisions

"Bring me discipline," said Paul
"Bring me dedication
Show me you can do it all
And no mental vacation
I want you to be tough," he said
"And not be such a quitter"
She quickly did an interview
Then un-followed him on Twitter


Rob said...

Excellent Diane! Did you write this?

Diane said...

Yes, I'm doing one a week until Christmas (see part 1 link at the bottom). Thanks, Rob--glad you enjoyed it!

Todd.Spiker said...

I checked Paul Annacone's Twitter... he's currently following Sloane. She's not following him, though. Guess it really IS a "trial arrangement!" :D

Great one again, Diane! ;)

Diane said...

That's funny!

Thanks :)

Eric said...

I'm still surprised that 1) she requested his services -- such a serious move for someone seemingly in tennis for other reasons besides tennis; and 2) that he said yes.

Diane said...

It surprised me, too, Eric. Perhaps this is a step toward maturity. Of course, it's a trial thing, but at least it's happening on some level.

Anonymous said...

My take is that Sloane is narcissistic to the point that she did not realize that the second go-round would have people hunting her down. She appears to believe that she's entitled to go to the top and that it should 'just happen'. Reality has, as usual, imposed itself on her. She'll have to work harder.