Wednesday, August 27, 2014

U.S. Open--what they said

And if you could have changed one thing in your progression, which of course has been very even, but if you could change one thing in your early career...
No, I don't want to change anything. It was perfect. I'm happy how I am now. Everythings are going how they have to be, so I'm happy with the way I did in the past. Now in the future for sure I will do also great job.
Simona Halep

When the stakes get higher, I hit harder; I can't help it.
Venus Williams

For me, this is very perplexing.
Tracy Austin, on Sloane Stephens' lack of progress

He's (Groenefeld) quite energetic in the box. Do you like that?
I don't think he was like that before. I think I just make everybody energetic.
Maria Sharapova were you playing differently then when you were making deeper runs in Grand Slams as opposed to right now?
That's something normally you guys write about because you guys critique it. I mean, there's not much really I can do. It's a game. The girl I played played a good match today. She played really solid. There is a lot of things I could say that's different, have changed, better or worse. That's just a matter of, I don't know, just things. I don't know.
Sloane Stephens

Do you prefer to practice in private, though? 
No. I like just to practice everywhere.
Simona Halep

How disappointing is this for you?
I mean, it always is, especially in the Grand Slam your first week. But, well, I think here is not really the new thing for me. Unfortunately.
Aga Radwanska


svente said...

The Sharapova comment is amusing to me because she is many wonderful things but 'energetic' is not one I would apply to her!

Diane said...

'Pova rarely misses an opportunity to utilize some irony :)