Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Quote of the day

"Don't make excuses."
Venus Williams, when asked if she had any advice for young players


svente said...

I couldn't be less surprised at this quote from Venus. She's long been a player who didn't make excuses and she never really seems to get the credit for that particular part of her professionalism. Partly, of course, because even sports casters seem to forget that she and Serena aren't the same person with the same personality.

Perhaps it will be one of those things noticed when she stops playing.

Diane said...

Good point, svente. She actually went on a bit about the subject, about which she apparently feels strongly.

Yesterday, she was asked if she had any advice for Genie Bouchard, who is ascending to a "star" role on the tour. "She'll be fine," Venus said. "She doesn't need my advice."