Sunday, September 8, 2013

U.S. Open--what they said

She really made it happen. In that particular moment, she was tougher today. She was more consistent, and she deserved to win.
Victoria Azarenka

In the third set, Serena really found a way to calm down and restart from zero and quickly erase what happened.
Patrick Mouratoglu

If there was one player that you could meet and have a conversation with, maybe not even a hit with, somebody either on the tour now or who played before, who would that be?
Maybe like Federer. Yeah.
What would you ask him?
I don't know. I'd just be like, I love you.
Tornado Alicia Black

...I have never felt better. I feel really fit. I can play a tournament like this, singles, doubles, with tough, tough schedules. For the most part, I felt really good. You know, I haven't felt like this in a number of years. I'm excited about the possibilities. I don't know what can happen. I just keep playing and do the best that I can.
Serena Williams

...It hurts really bad. I'm not gonna lie. It hurts bad. But to just take the most positive out of that and, you know, see that light in the tunnel, as you can say, is good. I can see a lot of positive things from that. So I'm just gonna go back out and work my ass off, you know, to go and fight hard again, to put myself in this opportunity again.
Victoria Azarenka

You just said you stayed calm, but obviously the crowd were behind your opponent. How tough it gets for you to stay calm?
Well, it's always tough. I mean, she's American. I mean, that's normal. But somehow that gave me even more power to win, and I'm really happy that I had my team out there. They were like also loud for me, so, yeah.
Ana Konjuh

You handled Serena's serve pretty well for the most part all day. Were you happy with your own serve? Do you think the wind affected it?
Didn't help. Didn't help, for sure. You can always pinpoint what could have been better. I'm just trying to look overall. And, yes, I'm going to try to improve that particular aspect, because the gap between Serena's serve and my serve is pretty big. But I don't want to compare that because, you know, I think she has the best serve of all time, definitely. I'm just trying to find the way to raise my level on that.
Victoria Azarenka

What was particularly unique about this Grand Slam journey?
Well, I don't know. I just felt so good playing the doubles. I felt like it really was able to help me a lot in my singles matches. I was so focused these two and a half, three weeks really. I have just been so focused and so, you know, just really kind of crazy where I'm not losing, I'm never leaving my room and just really trying to stay in the zone and stay in the spirit. What's unique is just the fact of finally reaching number 5 at the Open, so that's pretty cool.
Serena Williams

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