Wednesday, September 4, 2013

U.S. Open--what they said

My coach said "There's hope for you."
Victoria Azarenka, who is now listening to Motown

Many people see your game and say that it's a game from a different period maybe, that it's very different from the way most women play today with your use of slice and coming to the net so much.  Do you feel this yourself, that you're a little bit different from these other women?
Yes, of course I have a different kind of tennis. I know, but I think this is my key. Sometimes help me; sometimes not, you know. Depends of course the opponent. But, yeah, this is my kind of tennis. I cannot play in different style. I'm happy that I'm different.
  Roberta Vinci

If you win too easily and you're not tested, you don't know how good you can be.
Chris Evert

Personally I think she's really positive girl.  She always try to find the light, no? When you see everything really dark. So she always really a good person.
Flavia Pennetta, commenting on Roberta Vinci
Pennetta’s winning strategy was ruthlessly uncomplicated. She made the match about her opponent’s weakness, and she refused to allow Vinci to coax her into playing points that would take Pennetta away from her game plan.
Geoff MacDonald

Good luck against all the old ladies.
Pam Shriver, to Vika Azarenka

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