Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wozniacki to get new coach

World number 1 Caroline Wozniacki has hired a new coach, according to a report in Tennis World. Piotr (known as "Pee-OH-ter" on Tennis TV) Wozniacki has coached his daughter throughout her career. Apparently, however, after Wozniacki's Wimbledon loss, a decision was made that she should have a new coach.

The identity of Wozniacki's new coach has not been made public. For those wanting Wozniacki news, however, details about her scuba-inspired U.S. Open dress have been made public.


Overhead Spin said...

While I am glad that the Wozniacki camp has decided to make changes to her coaching arrangements, I would have preferred if this was something that was done because everyone concerned thought it was necessary, and not because of the pressure that Wozniacki is being put under by the media.

This is a father/daughter relationship moreso than coach/player and it should have been dealt with out of the glare of the media.

Wozniacki needs to take a lesson from the Williams Family and not read too much press. She also needs to try her best not to be too defensive. When Woz was an up and comer everyone sang her praises, now that she is at the top of women's tennis, she is being villified by all and sundry. It is really not fair and I wish they would stop.

Diane said...

Apparently, this decision was made after the loss to Cibulkova. And by way of updating, the word now is that the coach hasn't yet been hired; still, I feel that's more likely a technicality.

People like to build someone up and then tear her down. It's all part of the obsession with celebrity. It isn't Wozniacki's fault that the ranking system is what it is.

We'll never know everything, of course. Did Wozniacki want to do this sooner? Does her father want to step aside? It doesn't really matter, of course. And her getting a new coach doesn't mean her dad was a bad coach, but--at this point--surely a fresh approach is needed.

Wellwisher said...

Change of coach is a must overdue. Stiking high flying balls and not producing aces are to be changed if she is ever to win a grand slam. Watched the game with McHale last night. Every Wozniacki shot makes it easy for the opponent to predict where it will come. Compared to Sharapova who uses horizontal strikes, Wozniacki is so disadvantaged. Not making aces also sinks her at critical moments. Hard to believe that this part of her game has not improved. said...

It can't succeed in fact, that is what I think.