Tuesday, August 30, 2011

U.S. Open passing shots

Texas Tennis Open champion Sabine Lisicki was voted the best of the Xperia Hot Shots players. Lisicki had trouble getting to New York, but once she got there, she had no trouble getting to the second round. Her next opponent is Venus Williams, whom she defeated in Charleston in 2009.

Matt Cronin interviewed Flavia Pennetta at the U.S. Open.

Note to Brad Gilbert: The female official to whom you referred is not a "linesman."

Why weren't these people removed from the premises?

Andrea Petkovic is on a "movie marathon." She started with Pedro Almodovar's Todo sobre mi madre, which she says she loved. I like it a lot, too, and my wish for Petko is that she also see Volver and Los Abrazos Rotos. Today, the German star reported that there are certain movements she either can't make or is afraid to make because of her meniscus tear, but she's optimistic she can play her way into a better sense of comfort. And, as she also pointed out, she has both muscles and bandages to help her.

U.S. Open tournament director Jim Curley says that the courts are a bit slower this year because of a rain-filled summer. The courts were used less and power-washed less than usual. Curley says that the courts will play faster as the tournament progresses.


Anonymous said...

Is the link in the question about people being removed supposed to go to blockbuster.com? I'm genuinely curious to know who you think should have been removed?

Diane said...

Every once in a great while, Blogger goes berserk and links to a random page. I've fixed it.

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Oh my god, there's so much worthwhile information here!