Monday, October 12, 2009


The China Open will feature a retractable roof in the future.

Sabine Lisicki's illness in Beijing turned out to be food poisoning. She is now scheduled to play in Luxembourg.

Serena Williams is expected to know by the end of the year whether she will face additional disciplinary consequences over the U.S. Open incident.

Here are the first five entries of WTA Backspin's top 25 players of the last decade.

BEST (Blue Entertainment Sports Television) has signed a multi-year representation agreement with Sloane Stepens, who begins her first full year of professional play in 2010.


Miss L said...

I think Serena should be left alone. She was wrong, but she is the best player and we want to see her play.

Paul Ball said...

I couldn't disagree more with Miss L if I tried. Really hard. Funny old world, init?

Sir Titus Salt said...

I agree with Paul - Serena should be banned for life. The sport doesn't need people like her. She has disgraced herself and the world of tennis forever. Such a shame that she feels the need to behave like this :(

Diane said...

I'm assuming you also wanted McEnroe, Nastase, et al banned for life, Sir T.

While I think the ITF did nothing but lightly slap Serena's wrist with the fine, I also think that raping women and torturing and killing dogs would be more in the "ban for life" category, which--by the way--doesn't exist.

The whole affair makes me uncomfortable, as readers of this blog surely know. I thought Serena's behavior was way, way out of line, but I also think she has been shown harsher treatment by fans and by the press because she is a woman. Those are separate issues, of course, but they inevitably intersect.

Serena has long been an object (as is the U.S. Open umpire) of sexism and racism, and never more than now. She also behaved in a completely inappropriate manner, and I just wish people could deal with that one issue--which I do not minimize--without injecting gender, race, and lack of knowledge about the sport (and the match) into the discussion.

William Venus said...

Serena has let me down, she's let herself down, but most of all... she's let herself down. Oh no, hang on a minute. She's let the world down, she's let Diane down, she's let... erm. She's let Venus down, she's let Daddy down, she's let Mummy down, and lots of other people down too. All in all - total downer from Little Miss F-bomb :(

Anonymous said...