Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Dinara Safina's defeat in Beijing by Zhang Shuai marks the first time a world number 1 player has been defeated by someone ranked lower than 200; Zhang is ranked number 226.

The Australian Open is increasing its prize money next year by 4.1 percent, to $21.4 million.

Evonne Goolagong Cawley was recently honored by the people of the place she considers her hometown--Barellan--via the unveiling of a giant replica of her Dunlop racquet.

Heather Watson will play Melanie South in the first round of a 50k tournament in Surrey this week.

Russia has won the 2009 Junior Fed Cup title.

Enough. I realize that U.S. commentators couldn't care less about how to pronounce the names of non-American (which would be almost all of them) players, but could Kevin Frazier please stop saying Chris "Everett"? And why on Earth doesn't someone at Tennis Channel edit those segments before airing them?


Anonymous said...

Kevin Frazier, take him over any of the ex-pro tennis players who have turned into commentators.

Freddy said...

Dinara has had the roughest year a number one ranked player has ever had.

Diane said...

I know. I feel bad for her. She has done so miserably in major finals, and now this. It's easy to forget what a tear she went on for so many months.