Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday cat blogging--snow day edition

It snowed for several hours yesterday, transforming our yard and garden into quite a beautiful shining white sight. Velma, Ziggy Stardust and Tarzan huddled on blankets and slept the day away, but Roxie couldn't contain her excitement. She trotted around the house, looking out one window, then the other, and stretching on her hinds to get a better look. This went on for hours. Here, she is on the bottom shelf of the cat tree, enjoying the snowy view through the bay window.

Tarzan, in the meantime, decided that two blankets and a muffler would be just about right for a snowy day. He looks as though he is waiting for one of us to bring him some hot cocoa.


Herzblut said...

Methinks Roxie is dreaming of being a mountain lioness, climbing her way up through the snows of the Pentland Hills with a wee backpack on, on her way to visit her cousins Toty and Socks here..... ;)

Diane said...

Well, Claire, we do sometimes imagine that they have little packs (Ziggy's is full of snacks, of course), so I can see Roxie making that trip in her imagination.

Have you seen those backpacks for dogs? They can carry their own stuff now.