Friday, December 26, 2008

Friday cat blogging--Christmas edition

Roxie checks for catnip in Tarzan's gift bag

Tarzan carries off his new octopus

Ziggy enjoys his Hugga-Wugga (he went to sleep holding it)

Velma goes after a new wand

Tarzan was somehow able to extract himself from this gift bag


Anonymous said...

I guess gift bags would be more exciting for cats than tearing open presents, huh? Bailey really loves the ordeal of opening almost as much as the present inside!

Diane said...

And we can't put gifts under the tree, unfortunately. You can only imagine what would become of them.

I used to have a cat who climbed to the top of the tree every day. She never broke an ornament and never touched a present. Well, almost never. She found one for her one time and opened it promptly.

Vicki said...

Love the photos especially the one of Tarzan with his head stuck in in the gift bag I'm surprised he got out of it with out any help. You cats are gorgeous hope they all enjoyed their Christmas presents.

Diane said...

Thanks, Vicki. Tarzan isn't actually stuck--he just looks that way because of his size.

They are having a great time with their presents, yes, and I am finding that octopus all over the house. Tarzan enjoys cat toys, but we give him some dog toys, too, because he is so big.

Herzblut said...

Tarzan is hereby awarded the "Rear of the Year".....what a lovely feline rump! All of them are gorgeous, Diane - make me feel like reaching into the screen to give huge cathugs.

A very happy New Year to you all, and every good thing for 2009


PS over on the Women's Tennis Blog - a retrospective of Amelie's year of outfits: now, that's what I call a perfect way to begin the year!

Diane said...

I've been enjoying the fashion retrospective, but didn't know that Amelie's was posted. Thanks for the heads-up Claire; I've put up a post about it.

Very best wishes to you and yours, too. The cats had a great Christmas, with bags and ribbons and boxes and catnip and toys. Tarzan is still dragging his octopus all over the house.