Sunday, December 30, 2007

Top qualifying seeds taken out in both Gold Coast and Auckland

Mondial Women's Hardcourts tournament top qualifying seed Chan Yung-Jan has been defeated in the second round of qualifying by Australian Christina Wheeler. Likewise, the ASB Classic number one qualifying seed, Jill Craybas, was defeated by Zhang Shuai of China, also in the second round of qualifying.


Anonymous said...

on the topic of ASB classic. you can watch live (and FREE) streaming of all matches online on TVNZ's site.

yesterday's Anastasia Rodionova Vs Katarena of THE worst display of sportsman ship i have ever seen (by Rodionova) the girl wasn't even trying to hit the ball!!!! crying between change overs, medical time outs etc, acting like she doesn't even want to be playing, and finally retiring miserably! Good on Katarena for keeping up her play though.

btw... momo won her 1st match 6/1, 6/1, next up (very dangerous for her) Nathalie Dechy.

hope u had(or about to have) a good new years!


Diane said...

Rodionova is just an emotional mess, isn't she? I wonder if she will ever overcome that.

Yes, Natalie is indeed dangerous for Amelie, I agree.

Happy New Year to you, too, Dan!

Anonymous said...

Rodionova gives the WTA a bad name! :(

players who behave like that should be either:
a) fined
b) get points deducted
c) banned for a period of time

this is really terrible for women's tennis...especially for new viewers or for people who bought tickets.

btw...Lindsay was so classy on and off court in all her interviews. she's still the same old = nice shots (although a little inconsistent) and terrible terrible movement! :X


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