Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sad news for tennis fans: de Jenken retires

If you are a tennis fan, the news that Sandra de Jenken is retiring may hit you as hard as hearing that a top player has retired. We haven't seen that much of de Jenken lately, so it certainly appeared that a change was in the works. She has been appointed Deputy Director of the French Federation of Tennis, and head of the Sports Management Open Tournament.

de Jenken has officiated at thirteen Grand Slam finals and two Olympic events. She was the first woman to umpire a men's Grand Slam final, the 2007 Australian Open final, and she also umpired the 2007 men's Roland Garros final.

I wanted to get a photograph of de Jenken at this year's Family Circle Cup, but just as I went to take it, she descended from the umpire's chair. Now we will be lucky to get a glimpse of her when we watch the French Open on television, for she will be the person in charge.


Herzblut said...

ah, I'm really sorry to hear that....she was my favourite; very elegant and serene demeanour, and an all round nice person. Yes, I'll miss her.

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