Saturday, August 30, 2014

U.S. Open--what they said

When you have everything, you don't know...what you actually need.
Aleksandra Krunic

If not Sharapova, then a relatively unknown will come through to the final.
Chanda Rubin

You know, for me, I don't feel 25 years old. Sometimes I feel I'm 12 years old. Sometimes I feel I'm 50 years old.
Victoria Azarenka

Petra Kvitova sailed another forehand, slumped her head, and leaned on the handle of her Wilson racquet like a weary traveler hanging onto a cane during a draining journey.
Richard Pagliaro

If you’re worried about the sounds Victoria Azarenka is making at the U.S. Open, you need to narrow your focus.
Louise Pleming

It was an honor to be on the same court with Petra.
Aleksandra Krunic

How good do you think Belinda can be? How far do you think she can go in this sport? 
Well, I think there is huge potential for her. I mean, I definitely think she can be top five. She's on the way to get there. How far, it's up to her. You know, nobody can play the matches for her and win matches, win the tournaments. But she showed yesterday that she can win a big match when she has to. Hopefully there will be more opportunities in the near future. Maybe here, you know.
Martina Hingis

At the last point you didn't seem to look very well. The last points.
The last point, it doesn't matter.
Petra Kvitova

I think this is your 100th Grand Slam win today. Did you know that?
Really? Where is my cake, then? Like for real. Tonight? Thank you. Put some icing on it.
Victoria Azarenka

You said you were watching the Wimbledon final. Were you rooting for Petra or Bouchard?
Petra. I like Petra a lot as a person. She's very down-to-earth and I respect her a lot. I like when I can say hi and talk to the players that are much higher ranked than me and I don't feel such a difference in our levels....
Aleksandra Krunic

How important was it to get to the second round? You used to take it for granted. But this year...
To get to?
To the second week, sorry.
I mean, I can't believe I'm in the second week. It's like a dream come true for me at this point.
Why can't you believe it?
I'm being sarcastic.
Serena Williams


sunny nine said...

I liked the Louise Pleming comment and I also like the several things Krunic had to say. JJ and her played in Fed Cup in doubles I think.

Diane said...

Yes Krunic, playing doubles with JJ, was a crucial part of Serbia's 5th rubber wins. She really impressed me in all of her press moments yesterday; she seems like a real class act.