Friday, September 6, 2013

U.S. Open--what they said

If you had to pick another player to be your tour guide around New York, who would you take?
I would take Daniela Hantuchova because I always feel comfortable when I’m talking with her. We are best friends, so we don’t have to worry if I say something wrong.
Li Na

I have said it I believe in some other press conferences I kind of feel that I helped the diamond in the rough to be polished.  And from a young age, both Victoria and Serena....
Max Mirnyi

...I never did well in mixed doubles and I could not figure out why, and then I got this great partner.  We didn't do well in Wimbledon, and I was like blaming myself. Then here, you know, playing so well, I started to believe it from the first round match. It's great. I'm so happy.
Andrea Hvlackova

I mean, today doesn't matter who is the opponent. Problem is myself, because today I cannot face to the problem, you know. So even, I don't know, even today I was play against maybe the ranking 100, still the same problem, you know. So, I mean, I really have to face to this thing for next step.
Li Na

I didn't serve really well today, but she neither. I think it was a lot of wind in the court. It's moving a lot the ball all the time. It was not easy to serve. But for me, I think I didn't serve in the way I was serving before because she make me a lot of pressure. I know I had to try to find a good serve for start of point, and I didn't today. Actually, I was trying doing the same thing all the match, and in the moment was working and in another moment not.
Flavia Pennetta

And you dance on court a little bit.
I do. I love that. 
If you win the title, maybe singing on court?
Let's just wait.
Victoria Azarenka

We know you said that Carlos saved your marriage. Now, with Serena, she's being coached by her boyfriend. Now that you have been through all this, what would be the advice you would give to Serena for being coached?
Don't be married, okay?...
Li Na

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