Sunday, April 24, 2016

How to Siegemund--a brief guide for dealing with life's more difficult stuff

original photo by Daniel Ward

1. Work hard and stay at it, no matter how slowly things are moving

2. When faced with a significant obstacle that forces you to stop, find something else to do that holds your interest, then

3. Work hard

4. Enjoy what you're doing and get the most out of it

5. Let go of all expectation and realize that whatever happens, you're going to be fine

6. Let the answers come to you instead of grasping for them

7. Should you return to your first pursuit, enjoy it without fear

8. Work hard

9. Don't buy into any nonsense about your age, your absence or any other belief that others project onto you

10. Love every minute of it!


Arsdorf said...

Well, this is great stuff, as is your steady flow of wisdom on Twitter.

But tennis players must be frustrated, as I am, by tennis scheduling that often puts one finalist at a disadvantage -- the finalist who plays the late evening match the night before the early afternoon final the following day. That disadvantage is intensified when the finalist has had to play through the qualification rounds, as we saw yesterday (and in the case of Vania King some time back).

Media ratings and sponsor preferences (read: money)seem to dictate scheduling, without much concern for what Siegemund politely refers to as "the limit."

''I'm really tired and I know I can play much better,'' the 28-year-old Siegemund said. ''There is no situation in tennis in which you play more games than at a tournament, and at some stage the limit is reached.''

Even the sponsors and advertisers might benefit if we the viewers consistently saw the finest tennis showcased in the finals. Unfortunately for this and other reasons, we often don't.

Diane said...

Thanks for your kind words, Arsdorf, and yes, I agree. The scheduling can be unnecessarily cruel. I'm not sure any adjustment could have been made in Stuttgart, however. That Laura had to go through qualies is pretty much on her, and I guess the only solution would have been to put the final on at a later time.

After seeing Laura play in Charleston, her Stuttgart run was no surprise. How nice it will be when she can directly into the main draw and not have to perform these Herculean feats!

Anonymous said...

Somehow I missed why siegemund stopped tennis initially.

Diane said...

Ligament injuries

gajismarts said...

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