Thursday, October 27, 2011

Quote of the day

"He asked her a few questions and she didn't answer, so he went back into his normal dialogue, which is Caroline doesn't say anything."
Lindsay Davenport, referring to Piotr Wozniacki


Anonymous said...

Since when is Davenport a journalist or a good commentator?

Why doesn't the Tennis Channel get
some decent commentators so I don't
have to MUTE my TV?

And Ted isn't much better.
Just because you win a few tournaments doesn't make you qualified to be a tennis commentator.

Diane said...

At least Davenport can read aloud without sounding like a struggling first-grader, unlike one o their featured on-air personalities. I've never been an off-court fan of Davenport's, but when I force myself to be objective, I conclude that she's okay when she sticks to talking about tennis.

Overall, I think Tennis Channel is kind of a joke. But it's what we have, so I watch it, especially if Tennis TV isn't available or convenient.

Karen said...

Tennis Channel's biggest problem is that one of its biggest investors is IMG. When the largest sport management agencies that represents half of the ATP/WTA and represents or used to represent former players who are now doing commentary, there can be absolutely no objectivity. Everyone toes the party line and there is no difference of opinion.

I used to enjoy Lindsay's commentary until I don't. For someone who played in an era where there was no oncourt coaching, to hear her use her position to commend one player for using on-court coaching and in the same breath condemn another for using it, just smacks of unprofessionalism to me. As for Ted, the less said, the better.

Diane said...

My problem with both TC and ESPN is that there is too much talking! That's why I prefer Tennis TV (except the part about their forcing us to buy both tours now); there is generally just one commentator, and that is enough.

And yes, there is sometimes a struggle to find objectivity. For years. a major ESPN commentator's spouse was Davenport's manager, and that may have presented an issue, too.

My main problem with TC, though (aside from its failure to fire Justin Gimelstob), is that it is supposed to be a tennis specialty channel, but the programming is riddled with inaccuracies, and--in some cases--announcers who have trouble reading.

Right after the French Open, TC did a special promo spot about what a great job it does for all of us, which was immediately followed by a Wimbledon spot in which a voice-over announcer said "Will Djokovic win his first Grand Slam?" I'm not making this up.