Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tennis magazine does it again

Some time ago, I was very disappointed to read a Tennis feature in which the writer made a gender double-standard "joke" about Martina Hingis's sex life, implying that having more than one partner made her morally questionable.

In the current issue, there is a photo feature on the hair styles of players' mothers. This is a pretty desperate reach for feature material from the get-go, but the real problem is a pair of photos of Dinara and Marat Safin's mother and Andy and Jamie Murray's mother. Captioned "Short But Not So Sweet," the copy reads "We wouldn't want to run into these mothers in a dark alley," and the writer calls their hair styles "practical and intimidating." The message is clear.

Chris Evert--after all the insults you've endured, do you really think that sexism and homophobia are "funny," and that they have a place in your magazine?

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