Monday, July 2, 2012

Wimbledon--what they said

Today, Schiavone has thrown her everything but the kitchen sink, and maybe even the kitchen sink.
Virginia Wade

From the first point, I felt great out there.
Sabine Lisicki

Ivanovic looks sort of confused.
Chris Evert

If Kerber was at all intimidated at the prospect of facing a four-time Grand Slam champion, she left any nerves at home in Germany....
Alexandra Willis

I think it's really like the grass and I are one. We get along really well.
Taylor Townsend

She's had a million of them today, and most of them have hit the back fence.
Virginia Wade, describing error-prone Petra Kvitova

As soon as I got the break in the second set, I knew I'm going to take it home.
Sabine Lisicki

I think she played close to the perfect match.
Kim Clijsters, describing opponent Angelique Kerber

From the beginning of the match, I didn't have a lot of break balls, and I didn't have very nice feelings. Really, it was not funny for me in that moment. I feel so bad. That's probably why I played so bad.
Petra Kvitova

For the whole of the first set and a large chunk of the second, it did seem that the champion could not hit a barn door at five paces....
Alix Ramsay

...the reason we start at the first round is you have to go through all those opponents to get to the final stage of a tournament, whether it's a Grand Slam or the middle of nowhere. That's the reason we go out and play.
Maria Sharapova

If this is my best, then I'm in trouble.
Serena Williams

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Dougie Messenger said...

Petra may have come of age against Schiavone, who did everything except shoot Petra to try to win. At a time when ALL of the other courts were still in play, Schiavone threw a near-tantrum, refusing to play for twenty minutes. A timid referee finally ordered play upon finding out that hers was the only one that had stopped it. Schiavone's obvious purpose was twofold. Namely, to get Kvitova out of the groove that she was close approaching and also hoping that her prayer for rain would be granted. Either way, it was a disruption. Ugly as can be and a disappointment to see. Kvitova's annoyance was palpable and when play resumed, it was obvious after a few strokes that the match was over. No quarter given; demolition mode at the fore. Go Petra! Francesca has some soul-searching to perform. I wish her well. She prevaricated against Robson. It worked then, but not yesterday. A harsh judgment? Yes. But supported by the facts.