Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Passing shots

The International Tennis Hall of Fame has reversed its decision and will now investigate the multiple claims of sexual abuse made against member Bob Hewitt. Sometimes, all those articles and petitions and letters actually have a good effect.

The Duchess meets tennis royalty.

Happy Birthday to Pam Shriver.

Angelique Kerber says that she has never broken a racquet in anger, but that at the U.S. Open, one of her racquets was broken by Sam Stosur's serve.

Here's a reason to buy bonds.


Nondisposable Johnny said...

That's good news about the Hewitt investigation. Here's hoping that if the investigation finds him guilty they actually have the guts to expel him.

Diane said...

I think it's a bit of a slippery slope. They probably don't have (just guessing here) guidelines for who gets expelled; there's a list of Hall of Famers who behaved in less than acceptable ways

Karen said...

It is wonderful that the voice of the people (tennis fans) were finally heard. I understand that the bye-laws of the Hall were recently amended to allow for the expulsion and/or suspension of members so there is hope yet that this man will be expelled from the Hall.

Frankly, it should not have taken so long for this to happen, but on the heels of the Penn State scandal, tennis should have moved swiftly to show that they were doing the right thing.