Wednesday, May 30, 2012

French Open--what they said

Is your first match on the WTA circuit like a first kiss--you remember it all your life?
Not really, because I don’t remember much about my first match.
Petra Kvitova

Every match is gonna to be difficult right from the beginning; there is no easy one.
Victoria Azarenka

I didn’t expect that. It was kind of a weird match. We had short points, and I’m a little sick, and so I wasn’t expecting to go out there and grind all day, so it kind of helped me with the short points.
Sloane Stephens

We seem to run into each other in third rounds quite often....
Sam Stosur, referring to Nadia Petrova

This one--you can do, you can do!
Virginie Razzano, talking about all her match points

A lot of French people like wine--that's for sure; I know that.
Victoria Azarenka

It's poorly written, it's very obtuse, and it makes no sense.
Mary Carillo, on the hinrance rule

Can you sing us a Czech song?
I’m a big fan of Czech pop music, but I won’t sing--it’s better for you I don’t.
Petra Kvitova


Anonymous said...

I wish that more of them were as delightfully thoughtful, nice, and clever as Kvitova. Well, since that is not the case, I have her to admire and really, that is enough.

Todd.Spiker said...

I imagine there might have been a little blushing accompanying that first Kvitova quote. Just a guess. ;)