Tuesday, May 29, 2012

French Open--what they said

Lindsay, did you ever cramp?
I never stayed on the court long enough to cramp.
Lindsay Davenport

I'm so tight.
Serena Williams, overheard talking to those in her box during the match

I think we have to learn many things from her.
Francesca Schivaone, on Kimiko Date-Krumm

I think it's more of a rhythm than anything else, and just a routine that I've done for a really long time. Sometimes I need it more than other times, and...if you feel like you're just rushing a little bit, it gives you time to be in your own little world and get to think about what you might need to change or do better....
Maria Sharapova, discussing her between-points ritual

The arm gets heavier and heavier when you have a big lead and it starts to get erased.
Lindsay Davenport

I'm not happy, by no means. I just always think things can be worse.
Serena Williams

I stil have to play my game, my aggressive game and be first who push the other to the back, and try to play winners and go for the volleys. and on the clay, it's a little bit different, but it's still--I have to play my game.
Petra Kivtova

When you play against Serena Williams...you don't need to focus on your legs.
Virginia Razzano, who experienced cramping in her first round match


Anonymous said...

Kvitova might just win this. She's healthy right now and the weather has not brought on her asthma. If she's on, nobody can beat her, past and present players included.

Diane said...

I think she's in the mix. As well as Sharapova is playing, I see her as very likely but not inevitable.