Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The International Tennis Hall of Fame needs to hear from you

The International Tennis Hall of Fame's definition of "diligence" is a strange one. "We're going to be diligent about it," past Hall of Fame president Tony Trabert said, "and see what we can discover." Trabert was talking about the multiple allegations of sexual abuse made by female players who, when they were juveniles, were coached by doubles star Hewitt. Now, the Hall of Fame has revealed that there is, indeed, no investigation at all.

When investigating whether a player has violated sporting ethics, there are sometimes fine lines. Sexual abuse of juveniles, however, doesn't strike me--and many others--as much of a fine line. It is, in fact, a crime in this country, as well as many others. Hewitt was never charged with a crime, which is true in many, many cases of child sexual abuse. The statue of limitations has expired in the USA, so accusers from this country cannot bring charges at this point, even if they want to.

Here is a petition you can sign which demands that the International Tennis Hall of Fame investigate Hewitt's past, and the complaints that have come against him from women on three continents. Some of his "uncanny instincts," according to his alleged victims, were vile.


Anonymous said...

Where's the petition?

Diane said...

The link works for me.